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An estimate of 6,600 hours or approximately 275 days, that’s the time I had in my 9 months of pregnancy. So much time right? You would not believe despite that ample amount of time, I still had a hard time thinking of a name to give my child. I asked family, friends and relatives for suggestions. I searched the web. I even downloaded apps for baby names. Still, I could not choose a name for my child. It could have been so easy to just pick a random name and voila! That will be the one I will put on my baby’s birth certificate. But no. I did not want to do that. For me, it is very crucial to pick a nice name because my child will carry that in his lifetime. It is the only thing that will remain constant (unless my baby will choose to have a name change in the future). My child’s looks will change thru time; but his name won’t. I also believe the name will somehow have an effect on what his personality will be.

So what happened to the search of my baby’s name? It may sound funny but until the last minute (even until my baby was already born), I still have not finally decided on what name I will give him. I actually had my baby’s document changed 3 times because I could not decide on his name. I changed his name from Chester Angelo to Chester Elijah to finally Elijah Bree. I was even trying to change it up to the fourth time. Until I realized it was costing me unnecessarily, plus it is very irritating for the hospital staff to type the document over and over. So I stopped and let it become Elijah Bree.

My tip to soon to be moms or parents: Use those 257 days/ 6,600 hours or simply 9 months to think of your child’s name and make sure that before the big day comes, you have already decided on one. Because to me, that long time was not enough. I do not know if I am only fickle minded or I just want everything to be perfect for my baby starting with his name. 🙂


If you were me, what name would you choose for my baby?

(Oh I’m not going to change his name again  for the fourth time. I just want to know your opinion guys.) 🙂