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So why the name Elijah Bree? My child is often mistaken for a girl. Not only because of his looks (he has lots of hair which is rare for newborns), but also because of the name I gave him. I know you guys are wondering why I gave him such.

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Here’s the story: During my pregnancy stage, I always watched TV. I got hooked to a Pinoy Reality Show entitled Pinoy Big Brother House Teen Edition 4. There was one episode where the PBB House was turned into sort of a daycare. Some kids went inside the house and the teen housemates took care of them. All the kids were adorable; but there’s this one kid who stood out. Her name is Bree. She’s soooo cute! Her cuteness level reaches to 101%. Since then I started calling my baby “Bree.” Even my family called him Bree when he was still in my womb. I have not had my ultrasound then, so the gender of my baby was still unknown. When I had my UTZ and I learned that it’s a boy, I got into the dilemma of changing the name that I got used to calling him. So I tried. But I still ended up naming him Bree. Anyway, my family also loved the name.

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On the other hand, Elijah is a name I got from the Bible. He’s a Hebrew prophet who was seen with Moses during the Transfiguration of Jesus. I also like the name because of the actor who played the role of Frodo Baggins in The Lord of The Rings (Elijah Wood). The name ELIJAH means ‘My god is the lord.’

Okay. So I would definitely understand if people would mistake baby Bree for a girl. ‘Bree’ is really a girl’s name. But ‘Elijah’ is not. I remember a couple of people once asked me “Isn’t that a name of a girl?” I thought they were pertaining to “BREE.” Then they said, “It should be ELIJOH, not Elijah.” It got me laughing! 😀