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Okay. So my baby is now 3 months of age. He’s getting bigger and bigger each day. He’s perfectly fine. I give him everything he needs from material things, to love and caring. But sometimes when I look at him, I feel like something is missing. And I definitely know what it is. It’s because he has not been baptized yet.

To every mom or parent, the baptismal or christening is a very important event in their baby’s life. It is considered a big day (next to the day the baby was born) and is also the most awaited day for friends and family because this is when they get to meet the baby for the first time, especially to those who are living from afar. As a new mom, this is also my most awaited day. Aside from my family and friends meeting my baby, it is also the day where I get to see most of them again after the 9 long months of pregnancy or should I say a year (including the 3 month postpartum period). I am pretty much excited to catch up with friends and family, and boast my handsome kid. Lol. What a proud mom!

Anyway, so the purpose of writing this blog entry is to share with you guys how I plan to make the day memorable. You might also need this baptismal checklist in the future.


PLANNING: (4 weeks before)

  1. Create a budget.
  2. Identify date and time.
  3. Duration on the event
  4. Identify venue or location
  5. Determine party guest list
  6. Identify caterer if needed
  7. Plan on menu
  8. Make reservations if necessary
  9. Determine the baptismal party theme
  10. Outline party agenda
  11. Select invitations
  12. Schedule a professional photographer (if necessary)
  13. Decide on banners
  14. Order centerpieces
  15. Decide on decor/music


This is what I am up to now. I am completing this checklist as a foundation for my baby’s baptismal. I will make another post about the planning as the date goes nearer.