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Baby Bree will be having his baptismal on April. Now I am on the process of planning this big day. I am done finalizing the baptismal date, the venue and the caterer. So I am moving on to the completion of the guest list and most importantly, the list of godparents.

So what is it about godparents? What are their significance in the baptismal ceremony and the life of the baby being baptized?

Let me define baptismal first. Baptismal is a religious sacrament conducted to welcome someone to the Christian world. In infants, it is commonly called as ‘christening.’ It symbolizes the spiritual purification and christian initiation of a baby. Immersing on water or pouring water on the forehead are known ways of baptizing. Water means cleansing. In a baptismal ceremony, the parents and godparents make baptismal vows or promises in behalf of a baby.

A ‘godparent’ is said to be a sponsor of a child’s baptism. There should be atleast one godparent or sponsor. However, it is customary to have two godparents; one male and one female. Godparents are usually chosen by the parents of the baby being baptized. Most of the time, they are a member of the family or someone close to them. Ideally, they should be Catholic, have been baptized too, confirmed and received Communion. They should be 16 years old and above; although it also depends on the discretion of the Bishop. Like in my baby’s case, I plan to make my brother and sister godparents of Bree (despite their young age.) Lastly, they should be living their lives consistent with their own baptismal vows.

So what really is the role of a godparent? Godparents serve as a representative of the baby during the baptismal ceremony. They make the promises of Christian faith in behalf of the baby. In a baptismal ceremony, they are asked to profess their faith for the child. A godparent’s role does not end in the ceremony. Their most important role is to act as second parents to the baby by supporting and helping them in the upbringing and personal development of the child as a Christian.