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Hi fellow Mommies. Did you ever have those late nights when you were already tired but still could not sleep because you want to do so many things? I actually experience it every night! It is already late and I know I need to go to sleep because I have to prepare and recharge for tomorrow’s work and duties. However, my mind is so awake! So many thoughts are running through my head. All of them are for my baby’s future. I do not know if all moms experience this. I cannot stop thinking on what to do to be able to give my child a bright future. I do not like the anxiety that I get from it; but it serves as a challenge for me to strive and not quit. I have so many ideas in mind. I want to do so many things! I want to have a business even though it is hard to start one. I want to learn different ways on how to earn money, but of course in legal and decent ways. I want to do everything that is possible for my baby’s future (sometimes even the impossible.) I even dream of having myself multiply into several ME so I could do all things at the same time, or maybe have a superpower so I can be SUPERMOM. I know it’s silly. Isn’t it? But to a mom like me, I would probably even cross the ocean for my child.

All I am saying is that I find it really hard to sleep every night because I want to do so many things. 24 hours in a day is not enough. It  is too short for me. If only our bodies could stand not getting any rest or sleep, I will do that. Ever since I became a mom, I thought of “sleep”  as a waste of time. I am not saying that I do not love to sleep. Of course I do! Who doesn’t? But I think I could do more worthwhile things and accomplish more if I do not sleep. But since I have studied all of these things about the importance of sleep during my college days (I am a Nursing graduate), I still see to it that I do not get low on sleep. I know that it plays a vital role in our health and well-being. I have to ensure that I get enough rest so I could gain energy to do all those tasks I am telling you about. Like I said earlier, RECHARGE!!!

Okay. So I guess I have to shut down my laptop now and have a journey to dreamland. Goodnight Mommies! 🙂