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“What brand of diaper should I choose?” This is a common question among expecting moms. When I was still pregnant, I kept on surveying from different moms the best diaper brand for them. I also searched the web for mommy and baby forums or reviews about nappies. But you would not know which one is best for your baby until your baby has actually tried using them.

Nappies are one of the top essentials of babies. It is actually number 2 on the list, next to milk. I am breastfeeding, so I do not spend on formula milk. Hence, nappies is my number one expense among all baby stuff.

During the 4 months of my baby’s existence, my baby has tried different brands of diaper. Of course, there are factors to consider like quality and affordability. Between this two factors, I prioritize QUALITY. I do not resort to a very low priced diaper that also has low quality.

Once, I honestly have tried doing that because I was thinking of saving money. I bought a cheap diaper and yes I also got a low quality one. My baby woke up crying so many times because the diaper leaks. His sleep was always disturbed. Effect was he became grumpy. Lack of sleep or a bad sleep is the number one reason of crankiness among babies. Another scenario was I tried out this cheap diaper which gave my baby a bad case of rashes. He was crying everytime we were nappy changing. Probably the rashes hurt so bad that is why it was so hard to console his crying. I knew he was really hurt. I felt so guilty then that I exchanged the comfort of my baby to money. And instead of saving money, I even spent more because I had to buy a cream/ointment to cure the rashes. Also, the diaper that leaks made me spent more because I had to change his nappy so many times compared to the ones that are absorbent which my baby can use for several hours.

Since then, I never dared repeat that same mistake. I bought high quality diapers for my baby. Bree’s grandma also sent him big packs of Mamy Poko which is currently my favorite nappy to use for Bree.


It is very cloth like and absorbable. Another thing that I liked about it is its super cute designs (Bree’s Mamy Poko diapers have a Mickey Mouse design on them because they came from Japan. Here in the Philippines, they have Winnie the Pooh designs) which made nappy changing an enjoyable activity for me. Yes, you heard me right. I enjoy nappy changing because of Mamy Poko diapers.

Also, my baby is always enjoying a good night sleep.

mamy 2

Thanks to Mamy Poko and Bree’s grandma! It is the most expensive brand of nappy here, but its quality is keeping up with its price. My baby and I are both very happy and satisfied. Indeed, babies comfort should be our number one priority among all other things. I think the quest for the best brand of diaper is over (atleast for me.)

*This is not a sponsored post.*