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Bree’s coming into this world was honestly not really planned at all. Motherhood is a drastic change to a woman’s life especially when you did not expect it at an early age. In Psychology, it is even considered as a developmental crisis because there is a transition from one stage to another. A crisis it is. But it is normal. Developmental crisis also known as maturational crisis are phases in our lives that are expected to happen as people move from one stage of life to another. It is just that I was not fully prepared so it was a big adjustment for me.

My pregnancy with Bree was unexpected. It actually caught me off guard. When I learned that I was pregnant, I honestly cried because my mind fast forwarded and got drowned with negative thoughts (that I will be disowned by my parents, thrown out of our house, you know. Stuff like that.) Yes they got hurt upon discovering about my pregnancy. I find it normal for parents and family to cry and be hurt once they learn that their daughter is pregnant especially before marriage. So I perfectly understand how they felt. Nevertheless, I am thankful enough that despite the hurt, all the negative thoughts I expected did not happen. Instead, the opposite did. They accepted Bree with all their hearts and were there for me all the way. From the start of this developmental crisis until now, they were there for me and Baby Bree; and I know they will continue to be. Words are not enough to express my gratitude to my family and people who cared. Ever since I had Bree, blessings just kept on coming. From material things, monetary gifts to the simplest yet most thoughtful things like caring for Bree and being concerned on how he is. I am just so thankful. I was so lucky to have Bree I even won a raffle contest from Le Zoe Musings and was even chosen by my favorite blogger. Now I understand what a friend meant when he told me “you will be showered with so many blessings now that you have Bree.” He was right!

My Greatest Blessing

My Greatest Blessing

Among all these, Bree was the biggest blessing to me. My pregnancy with him was unexpected but never unwanted. I loved him ever since; even before he was born. Now I know, I never planned any of this; but GOD did.