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Kevin Villanueva became an inspiration to many students when his touching graduation photo taken by his parents’ graves went viral on Facebook.

Photo of Kevin Villanueva

Photo of Kevin Villanueva

After Kevin Villanueva’s graduation from the prestigious school Colegio de San Juan de Letran in Intramuros, Manila, he took a photo by the grave of his parents and posted it on Facebook with a caption “Akala nyu kayo lang ang may picture kasama parents nyu ha :) pero ma, pa this is for the both of you i hope that you are proud of me.”

(TRANSLATION: You would think only you have a picture taken with your parents :) But mom, dad, this is for the both of you.  I hope you are proud of me.)

Since it is graduation season, we normally see graduation pictures of newly graduates on Facebook. However, Kevin Villanueva’s photo was striking and apart from the others. His picture is worth a thousand words and conveys a story and a deep message of inspiration. Kevin is an orphan. His mother committed suicide in 2002. Kevin was at the age of 10 when his mother died. After a couple of years, he faced another trial in his life when his father died during his freshman year. Despite all the challenges he faced of losing his parents, he strived hard to finish his studies and get a college diploma.

His Facebook photo currently has 12,825 shares and 193,877 likes.

Comments on the Facebook photo:

– What an inspiration! Bless you Kevin!

– You’re a good inspiration,,, to us kevin

Hi Kevin, you’re an inspiration, I’m sure you already made a difference to those who have seen your photo and those touching words..Keep that positive spirit in you and you’ll definitely go places…God bless you and all your dreams!

– Congrats Bro! Keep up the good work. I know your parents are proud of you wherever they are.

Congratulations to you Kevin Villanueva! Thank you for setting a good example of hardwork, faith and love for their parents to the youth. You are worth emulating. You’re parents are definitely proud of you.