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How are you guys? It’s been a while since I last posted here in my blog. I had been quite busy working and being a mother to my son. I kind of miss blogging. Truth is, I have tons of pending topics to blog. My laptop is already flooded with loads of photos that will be put on my blog posts. I cannot delete them yet until I have them posted. Sigh. Can a busy woman like me actually have time for blogging? Right now, I actually have a lot of work to do. My baby is sleeping and I am supposed to be working. I just decided to stop by my forgotten blog and make a really quick post. Apparently, it is taking some time for me to gather all my thoughts and finish this simple post. Needless to say, I still want to do it. I want to do it so I can document and share my experiences as a mom. Moreover, I love the feeling that I get after I have made a post. It is like an accomplishment for me. I even enjoy reading my own blog posts just like what I used to do with my diary during my high school days. It’s so nice to read back those written memories and relive them, especially the happy ones. It puts a smile on my face.

For me, blogging is my modern day diary. It is better because I can share my experiences and even discuss it with some other witty bloggers. I love how other bloggers can give their appreciative comments and I, on the other hand, can ask them for tips about motherhood. I love how other moms can also relate to my experiences. I think in the world of internet, blogging is the best thing since sliced bread.

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Having said that, I plan to make blogging part of my daily routine. Atleast one post while my baby B is sleeping at night (perfect time to blog) to wrap up my day. Have to really commit to a daily blogging routine before my laptop explodes because of all the photos in here.