While everyone was having their cheesy Valentine’s date, we spent this day by celebrating the birthday of a one-of-a-kind and amazing woman who is very dear to our hearts.  That is none other than Mamu Bless, everyone’s favorite Aunt (Tita). We had lunch at Tramway Buffet along Shaw Blvd. All in all, we are around 20 people.

Here are some snapshots from our lunch out.




We were not able to take photos of the buffet though.
For more info about their rates and menu, please check the following details below taken from Tramway Buffet’s website.

New Buffet Rate
Adult Buffet: P258
Kids (4ft Below) Buffet: P178

Lunch Time:
1st Batch – 11:00am to 1:00pm
2nd Batch – 1:00pm to 3:00pm
Dinner Time:
1st Batch – 6:00pm to 8:00pm
2nd Batch – 8:00pm to 10:00pm

Soup: Soup of the day

* NEW: Noodle Station: Choice of Miso Soup or Pork Soup Stock

Staple Dishes: Yang Chow Fried Rice, Pancit Canton Guisado / Pasta

9 Main Dishes: (Examples: Steamed Fish, Sweet & Sour Pork, Vegetable w/ garlic, Fried Chicken, Tofu, Fried Wanton, Kikiam, Spring Roll, Hot Salad/Salad Roll)

Side Dishes: California Maki, Fried Pao, Century Egg, Japanese Steamed Egg, Chinese Dimsum, Vegetable Salad, Tossed Lettuce/Carrots/Cucumbers/Onions (Salad Dressing: Thousand Island Sauce), Macaroni Salad

Dessert: Seasonal Fresh Fruits (Examples:Watermelon/Papaya/Pineapple), Buchi, Bilo-Bilo with Peanut Toppings, Buko Pandan, Assorted Gelatin, Maja Blanca, Assorted Puto


Restaurant Exclusive (good for 950-1050pax)
4 Open Dining Exclusive (good for 350-850 pax)
4 Big Function Rooms (good for 100-150 pax each)
4 Medium Function Rooms (good for 50 pax each)
4 Small Function Rooms (good for 12 pax each)


The Verdict:

Tramway Buffet is a smart choice if you will be celebrating with a lot of people on your birthday (big group of friends or extended family members). They charge P258 per head for adults, P178 for kids 4 ft. below and P88 for toddlers.

They charge based on the number of spoons and forks that you have used. A pair of spoon and fork is equivalent to one head.

You also cannot bring food and drinks inside. There is Mcdonald’s at the entrance of the building and I bought a Happy Meal for my son. The guard of Tramway Buffet told me that I should leave the Happy Meal outside. I begged because it is just a burger and a toy. My son is excited to pay with the toy. He allowed me with an unhappy face. I saw 2 ladies who brought their Starbucks drink inside by the way.

The food is okay, not as delicious and tempting as Vikings. But hey, I think you get what your money’s worth; or actually more for P258. It is still a good choice compared to eating at a fastfood or some restaurant where 1 dish costs P300 and up. For P258, you get to taste a variety of viands, soups, side dishes and desserts.

My only disappointment was that they charged my tiny 3 year old toddler P178 (kids) who barely ate (only 3 spoons of Buko Pandan). He was supposed to be charged for only P88 (toddler’s rate). I kept insisting on the staff that he is only a toddler, but the lady did not agree with me. I did not argue with her anymore so as not to ruin the occasion. Anyways, it’s just a hundred pesos.

Moreover, I think it would be nicer if they include ice cream on their desserts.


Staff should be more friendly and welcoming. Smile, greet the customers and spread some positive vibes. Most people go here for celebrations like birthdays, graduations, baptismal and the likes. Hence, the place should feel more festive and not boring. Add more decorations, flowers or few balloons and banners here and there.

When we sang the Happy Birthday song to Mama, they just played their recording of the song and that’s it. They could have done it better. Upon entering, they could already ask if there is any birthday celebrant. So they could prepare some sort of short dance number for them. A little clapping, singing and some tambourines won’t hurt.

Also, the place should be more kid-friendly because most people who go here are families. So if some tries to bring their own food foor their kid (some kids are picky), I think that’s fine as long as they will still pay if the child eats Tramway’s food.

Again, they could have added ice cream in their desserts because most kids do not eat, puto, maja blanca, etc. At least even the kids will go home happy and fulfilled, not just the adults.


We love you! ❤