About Marvelmom

Marvelmom and Marvelson

Hi fellow mommies and mommies to be! I decided to create this blog to share with you my trials and happy experiences as a mom. Motherhood is indeed a marvelous chapter in a woman’s life. Hence, I want to put into writing every marvelous experience I have as a mom. Every day I spend with my son is something worth blogging about. From the extraordinary experiences up to the simple things, I believe there is wonder in it. I am not really into writing. I even hated essays back in high school and college. I am not an English major either. I just want to share with you my adventures of being a mom. I know mothers would be able to relate. And who knows? Some of you who are not yet moms now would find this blog helpful in the years to come. So just read on!


4 thoughts on “About Marvelmom”

  1. Hi Marvel Mom!

    Everything you said about being a mom is true! Thanks for leaving comments on my blog. I love meeting passionate, young moms like you because it only fuels my desire to be the kind of mom that God wants us to be.

    Raising a child alone is not easy, so I salute you for doing your best! Keep it up. 🙂


  2. Hi Marvel Mom! Glad I found a fellow Filipina blogger around here. I’m a Mom too and everything about our kids is really worth everything. Enjoy every moment with your son 😊

  3. Hi Kaye! You’re right. Kudos to you too on being a wonderful mom to your kids! Let us both enjoy motherhood. 🙂

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