Meet Marvelson

SEPTEMBER 28, 2012

What’s so significant about this date?

This day was the most difficult time of my life. Finals and Examinations in college (which I used to think would be the death of me) were nothing compared to what I have experienced today. On this day, (28th of September year 2012) I experienced severe cramping on my abdomen and back which lasted 30-70 seconds (to me seemed like eternity). It hurt like hell! The contractions were very intense. I was even punching my back (which is not good) and the wall beside me because I could not take it. I tried every relaxation technique I know from deep breathing exercises to guided imagery. I even tried visualizing that I was at the beach sunbathing and holding a glass of pina colada (in the middle of a contraction). But nothing worked! I was like “These techniques are not even relaxing!” Worst thing is that I was the only woman at the labor room at that time and I have no support person beside me. Not even a nurse! The hospital does not allow family or any support person to accompany the patient inside the labor room (which I totally disagree after experiencing being solo during labor). Having someone beside you to hold your hand or pat your shoulder while you are in labor; and tell you that everything is okay is very crucial and helpful to ease the pain of labor and give support to a woman who is about to give birth.

I had labor for a total of 16 hours. I started feeling the contractions at 9 in the evening of September 27, 2012. But they were not so strong that I could still handle them. I was still smiling and laughing. I had my pink show at 11 in the morning of that same day. So when my family arrived from work, they have decided to drive me to the hospital after dinner. I got into the labor room at 4 in the morning and got out at 2 in the afternoon (September 28, 2012). I thought it was not going to end! I had a painless delivery and so I could not remember anything after I pushed baby Bree out of my birth canal. I could not even remember him being put on top of my tummy after the delivery. I just totally blacked out.

DSC01016 DSC01015

The next thing I knew, I was being transferred to my bed in my hospital room. I was so groggy. I could hear my family excitedly talking in the background. I was responding to them or more so like I was talking into thin air. I could understand them but I could not open my eyes. I felt so tired and weak. But the thought of surpassing the whole labor and childbirth thing, not to mention the 9 months of pregnancy, made me feel like I was so strong. I felt super!

This day was the hardest; yet the most fulfilling day of my life!


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